Saturday, 23 January 2016

1425 : Modestly Magnificent

Rokt Climbing Gym, Brighouse : January 2016 (Alan Burnett)

Modestly Magnificent - Self-effacingly Discreet

Friday, 15 January 2016

1424 : Silo In Blue

Brighouse Silo - 15 January 2015 : Alan Burnett (1601C-11)
I have almost forgotten what blue sky looks like. The lack of clouds meant it was cold today, but who cares? It was worth it to see that intense blue.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

1423 : Bringing Memories Together

London Demonstrations : Alan Burnett (1968)
A strip of four negatives I have recently re-scanned. I must have taken them during the anti-Vietnam War demonstrations back in London in 1968. Somehow the group manages to transmit a little of the crowding and the hustle and bustle of the event. Individual strips of 35mm negatives tend to do that - to bring together memories.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

1422 : Nothing In Particular

Dyson Place, Sharrow, Sheffield  - Alan Burnett (2016)
For the first time in what feels like a couple of months, it didn't rain today, and that meant that I was able to get my camera out. We were in Sheffield and there was nothing in particular to photograph: but nothing in particular is just what I like taking photographs of. I tend to take photographs all the time I am walking around (I can be an annoying person to be on a walk with) so I can continually compare what I think I see through the camera lens with what I actually see when the photograph comes up on the computer screen or, even better, when it is printed. This particular photograph - like a stick of rock - has Sheffield running all the way through it.

Monday, 11 January 2016

1420 : Lost In The Shadows Of Under Exposure

1601B-20 : Halifax Gas Works - Alan Burnett (1966)

This is a scan of a colour slide I shot fifty years ago which had always been lost in the shadows of under-exposure. Back in those days even the brightest of projector bulbs would fail to cast any light on the subject which was the old Halifax Gas Works and what remained of the goods line by North Bridge. The wonders of modern technology allow me as a photographer to step back fifty years to the moment the picture was taken: and this time I can correctly set the aperture of the lens and see the shot for what it is. There is a grim beauty in that old landscape which was worth reviving.

Friday, 8 January 2016

1419 : Naturally Monochrome

160107-8 : Eastbourne, Sussex - c. 1984 (Alan Burnett)
I remember once, when I was quite young, asking my brother, "do you dream in colour or black and white?". He answered with annoying logic that surely one dreams in colour because that is the natural state - monochrome is merely an invention of early photography. But sometimes monochrome seems like the natural state - especially if one is talking about the English seaside. This photograph, taken in Eastbourne thirty years ago, illustrates the point well.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

1418 : Haddock Enter, Stage Left

Fish Wholesaler - Grimsby Fish Docks : Alan Burnett (c 1988)
The old fish docks in Grimsby where the fish wholesalers were like stages across which performed fish of all sorts. Cod would soliloquise, haddock would enter from stage left, whiting would take a curtain call.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

1417 : Swooping And Circling In Sheffield

Pigeon Lofts, Penistone Road, Sheffield : Alan Burnett (1984)

As you drive out of Sheffield on the A61, the side of the valley used to be lined with pigeon lofts. From such lofts swarms of racing pigeons would swoop and circle, like racehorses on the exercise gallops.

Monday, 4 January 2016

1416 : Drizzle Cake

This is unmistakably Brighouse - the giveaway being the twin flour mill silo towers towards the left of the photograph. The silos will have been quite new when I took this photograph (probably around the mid 1960s). For some reason I have always considered them an immovable part of the Brighouse landscape although they were only constructed in 1959 and 1963. The flour mill closed down in the late 1990s and the silos were subsequently converted into a climbing gym (which has been in the new recently because it was damaged by flooding over Christmas). Many of the houses in the foreground of the photograph have now gone, but a quick glance out of the window convinces me that the grey drizzle still falls over that hill in the background.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

1415 : Another Time, Another Chimney

Another time, another West Yorkshire community, another mill chimney. This time, whenever that time may have been, I was on the hills looking down on Bailiff Bridge, just north of Brighouse. Much of the mill complex is now gone, replaced by a new housing estate. The chimney is gone, replaced by nothing very much at all.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

1414 : A Tale Of The Vertical And The Horizontal

A photograph taken some forty years ago looking across Dean Clough in Halifax towards Woodside and Boothtown. It was a time of change in the town, a time when the mill chimneys were being demolished and the flyover roads were being constructed. A time when the vertical was giving way to the horizontal.

Friday, 1 January 2016

1413 : Still Life With Constable And Car

I may have featured this photograph before on one of my Blogs, but I make no apologies for featuring it again, especially in its restored state. Although it looks carefully posed (Still Life With Constable And Car) it was not, it was simply a scene I came across on a walk forty-five or fifty years ago. I seem to recall it was somewhere on the hills behind Southowram near Halifax. Looking back at the image with the benefit of hindsight, I can't decide whether I would have been better spending my time rescuing some of the paintings or taking a few more pictures of what was a remarkable scene.

FOUND 1 : Walking With Confidence

  FOUND 1 : The joy of found photographs is that, whilst they provide a visual superstructure, you are free to construct your own backstory ...