Sunday, 9 February 2014

1138 : Munitions Workers, Keighley, 1918

Notation on reverse of photograph :
"Munitions workers at Mssrs Longbottom and Farrars, Alice Street, Keighley 1918
during the Great War where I was in charge.  Fowler Beanland"
Digital File Ref : AP01.04


ChrisJ said...

Funny how faces stay the same. Change the hair style and you would see people who look the same as other people today.

ChrisJ said...

--meant to add, no emotions and definitely no teeth, so in that way not at all the same as today's photographs.

Lisa B said...

Great photo, what a lot of stories they could tell us, probably a lot of heartache too.

John said...

The Home Front getting a lot of attention in modern histories of the war.