Victoria's Fall From Grace

I am not absolutely certain that I took this photograph, but if I didn't, I wish that I had done. It might have been taken by my brother Roger, I seem to remember that we only had one old and battered camera between the two of us back in the 1960s. I can remember where it was taken : so maybe I did take it, or at least it was taken when the two of us were out walking together. It shows what remained in the mid 60s of the Sunny Vale Pleasure Gardens. Sunny Vale - or Sunny Bunces as it was known - was the great resort and amusement park that served the mill workers of Halifax and the Calder Valley. During the early part of the twentieth century thousands would visit its' strangely innocent collection of swings, skating rinks and fairground rides. By the 1960s, it had fallen out of fashion. Part of the gardens where being used as a go-kart racing circuit, the rest had sunk into a state of overgrown disrepair. This is what remained of the once imposing Victoria boating lake. Sad.

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