Phoebe In A Strip Show

Although my old negatives, cut into strips of six, have been carefully filed away over the years, the individual strips were not sorted and filed sequentially. Thus there is no connection between one strip and the next one, nor is there any logic or reason as to why I have filed negative strips in any one location in the album. So the only definite relationship is between the six negatives that appear on the same physical strip, they must have been taken at approximately the same time and by tracing the location of the shots I can re-map walks I must have taken over 40 years ago.

And so with the current strip under investigation we start with a picture of an old mill building straddling a river. I am almost sure that the river in question is the River Hebble in Halifax and the building is off Phoebe Lane in Siddal. The Google StreetView camvan didn't make it down Phoebe Lane so it looks like I will be off on my travels again this week. I will report back in due course.

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