Thursday, 13 January 2011

Did Elland Town Hall Sink Along With The Titanic?

This is a photograph of Elland Town Hall I took the other day. For the fascinating story behind it you will need to read the post on my News From Nowhere Blog. As you are working your way over there, ponder on the question :  "Did Jack Poingdestre Get Shipwrecked On The Elland Canal?"


Chairman Bill said...

Yet another fine example of Northern Civic. Southport is littered with the things - and beautiful they are too, despite having been despoiled and turned from banks to coffee houses. Al least we still have them - albeit as a facade.

Indeed, I remember going into these marbled temples to Mamon as a kid - and my God was I overawed. A bank manager in those days was a demi-god.

Alan Burnett said...

Yes they are wonderful buildings Phil : I can never decide whether I like them better in their steam-cleaned form or as I remember them from my youth, soot-black.

Michael and Hanne said...

Wonderful story-why did Elland Picture Postcard come from Canada? Probably because our sailor friend bought it in Elland and had no Canadian post cards handy on board ship. Hope you can sort out this lovely detective story!
Fine picture of the building but badly needs some gardening doing on the traffic circle, real or photoshop whichever!

Alan Burnett said...

M&H : If it is Photoshop gardening, I know I can count on you.