Friday, 22 August 2008

Joni Mitchell Almost Live

Back then I couldn't afford to go to live concerts so I would photograph musicians from the old black and white television. This was a Joni Mitchell concert. I quite like it.


I remember taking this - again 25 years ago - and thinking that the idea was good but that the resulting picture never quite lived up to the idea. Photoshop now allows me to get closer to what I saw through the viewfinder that day.

Western Park Hospital?

I have a feeling that this might be Western Park Hospital in Sheffield, a building I have always though must be one of the ugliest structures in the North of England. There is something slightly anatomical about it.

Not So Fresh Sandwiches

This is from the same set of negatives and therefore I assume it is also 25 years ago. Where it is, I am not quite sure but I imagine it is somewhere near the University in Sheffield. I strongly suspect it won't be there at the reunion.

25 Years Younger

This is from the same set of photographs and shows Suneil. I don't think I've seen him for 25 years but I understand that he is going to the reunion so it will be interesting to see him 25 years on.

25 Years On

This year Sheffield University is holding a reunion aimed, in particular, at graduates from 25, 40 and 50 years ago. Isobel graduated 25 years ago so we are going as it gives us an opportunity to have a look at the Halls where Xan will be taking up residence in a few weeks time. This picture was taken 25 years ago and it has been submitted to the University for use in their exhibition.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


In addition to boring the rest of the world with these family photos, the real benefit of such trawls is to capture many of these old images onto a digital format.

Xan II

This series of photographs comes from the early months of 1991 when the lad was just over a year old.

Xan I

Given the recent results and the fact that he will be leaving home in a few weeks, it seems a suitable time to go trawling through the photographic archives in search of the last 18 years.

At Long Last

For two year now we have been waiting to see this. The day of the "A" Level results, but even before the actual results were made public, Sheffield changed the offer from "conditional" to "unconditional". Congratulations Xan.

Molly's Party

It was Molly's birthday party last Sunday, and what a wonderful time was had by all. Happy birthday.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Moorland March

This is taking me back to the ILP theme of a few weeks ago (see my News From Nowhere Blog). This was a Halifax ILP outing to the top of the moors to commemorate something like the 125th anniversary of the Chartist march from Lancashire to Yorkshire. I can still recognise many of the participants which include, from the left, Luke and Joan Spencer, a very young Isobel, Charlie O'Brian, Ray Scott, Kathy and Artur Giles. I, of course, was behind the camera.

Mother and Father Duck

Once again, I am not exactly sure where this was taken but I suspect it was in Oxfordshire. But I am fairly certain that my friend Jane will be able to tell me exactly as I suspect she took it. Isobel is taking the part of Mother Duck and I am Father Duck.

Picture Palace .... Where

And here is a shot of the Picture Palace .... but where. I took the photo but I can't remember where. A quick "Google Image" of "Picture Palace" provides plenty of contenders but none which seem to match on closer examination. Past experience suggests that eventually someone will write in and give me the answer.

River Calder, Brighouse

In this picture - which I suppose is of about the same vintage as the last one (1960s) - we have moved down the valley and are looking east towards Brighouse from the River Calder. If you had a magnifying glass and if it was a sharper photograph you could probably just make out where I am sat now, forty-five years later.

Canal At Elland

Back to scanning my photographic archives again. This is not a particularly good photograph but it is the type of photo which is of historic interest. It took my a while to work out where it was, but that is Elland Church in the background and the photo seems to have been taken from what is now the Barge and Barrel Pub.

Friday, 8 August 2008


I have always been fond of markets : they are so full of people, full of movement, full of colour. A couple of weeks ago, back in Barcelona, I couldn't keep out of the big market on La Ramba. But this picture dates back more than forty years to the Halifax market of my youth.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Life At The Edge

Another case of almost cropping the real story. The main feature here is not Xan and Harry getting their fix of English newspapers whilst sheltering from the noonday sun in Florence, but the two little kids in the upper left corner. Their intrusion into the story makes it work.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Trevi Fountain, Rome

It was the shapes and colours around the Trevi Fountain in Rome which caught my eye rather than the intricate carvings of the fountain itself. I particularly like the guy in the centre of the picture who is involved in some complex wishing process.

Jamie and Xan, Gibraltar

This was taken from inside the Military Tunnel which cuts its way through the Rock. Occasionally there are crude windows, sometimes with cannon pointing out, more frequently with tourists looking down on the town.

Barbary Apes, Gibraltar

During a wonderful day in Gibraltar (thanks to our personal guide, Jamie) we visited the caves and were surrounded by dozens of Barbary Apes. And before someone writes in to tell me, yes, I know they are monkeys and not apes.

FOUND 1 : Walking With Confidence

  FOUND 1 : The joy of found photographs is that, whilst they provide a visual superstructure, you are free to construct your own backstory ...