Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Pinfold Lane

This morning our walk took us up Pinfold Lane. Amy enjoyed new smells, I enjoyed new sights. 

Darkness and Light

The trees are in shade, the motorway and hills behind are in bright sunlight. Winter can be glorious.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Walking In East Anglia

The wonderful thing about working your way through your old photographs, converting them into digital images, is that it brings you face to face with memories. This was taken about 30 years ago when we were with our good friends Arthur and Cathy in, I think, East Anglia. Arthur will, I am sure, correct me if I am wrong.

Shepherd's Thorn Lane

Shepherd's Thorn Lane is part dirt track, part muddy footpath, part road. Amy and I walk there often. Today the bright sun made it all black and white. Looking at the state of Amy's paws I should amend that : black, white and mud.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Congratulations Tree

I have just noticed that this is the 500th posting to this Blog. Congratulations to myself for sticking with it. Today I am leaving the archives aside for a moment and featuring a photograph I took just yesterday of a tree. A Congratulations Tree.

Friday, 12 December 2008

English Spoken

The man on the left is Charles Pitts, a motorcycling friend of my parents, known to me and my brother as "Uncle Charlie". In the centre is Gladys, my mother,  and on the right is my father, Albert. The photograph is recorded as being "France" and this fits in with the "English Spoken" sign. I remember my father telling me that the only time he had ever been abroad in his early life was on a day trip to Calais before the war. This then is that trip.

Plane Gazing

I'm glad I have rescued this from the dusty, age-cracked, fading archives. It is a picture of me, my brother Roger and my father gazing into the cockpit of what was probably a Spitfire or something similar. I can date it fairly precisely in that I appear to be about 3 and that would make it 1951. The picture appeared in the Yorkshire Evening Post and was taken during a display of World War II fighters at the then Yeadon Airfield (now Leeds-Bradford International Airport).

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Mirth And Enjoyment

Continuing with Uncle Frank and his holidays, today's picture is entitled "Entrance to the Grand Pier, Weston-Super-Mare". The couple on the left are Auntie Miriam and Uncle Frank, but I am unsure who the lone figure on the right is. It is undated, but I would guess it was taken in the early or mid 1930s. There is a bit of a clue on the extreme left of the photograph where there is an advert for what appears to be Malcolm Campbell's Land Speed Record car, the Blue Bird. From the front of the car, it looks like the Blue Bird which broke the record in 1933, so that would confirm the mid-1930s as the most likely date.

Monday, 8 December 2008

A Moment In Time

"In photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject. The little human detail can become a leitmotif." — Henri Cartier-Bresson.
This was taken, I think, by my Uncle Frank. It was in one of his albums, and being Uncle Frank, it was marked with a date and a subject. "On The Pier, Blackpool, 1939" is all that it says. But you can spend an hour searching through that "little human detail" and find a leitmotif for a world about to enter war.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Guess The Year

Today's photo is from my archives. I know where it is - this is Market Street in Halifax - but what I am not sure about is when it is. You can get some clues from the cars and the dress, but I would have difficulty it narrowing it down within five years or so. Now if I had a better negative filing system I would know the answer.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Winter Weather

Surprise, surprise we are getting wintry weather at the moment. But, there again, it is winter. Surely we should be concerned if we weren't getting wintry weather.

Leaving The Crem

The final Crematorium photo (for the time being).

Staying With The Fog

Staying with the fog and staying in the Crematorium.

A Foggy Day

A foggy day in Huddersfield Crematorium .... had me lost, had me down (or whatever the song used to say).

Friday, 28 November 2008

Winter Is A Coming In

The frozen ground this morning : clear evidence that winter is a coming in.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Prague Shop Window

Just a few of the photo's from our recent trip to Prague. This is one of the hundreds of shops selling glass and crystal ware. The full set of photographs is available by accessing my online Picasa Web Album at the following location.

Friday, 21 November 2008

All The Beanlands

Another photograph from the archives, this one is of my mother Gladys (front centre), her elder sister Amy, and their parents Albert Beanland and Catherine Kellam.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Like A Bird On The Wire

The dark warehouse wall and the hoist was planned. The telephone wire was an added bonus which couldn't have been avoided. The bird, however, was pure chance. Wonderful.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Wood And Stone

West Vale again, from the hillside this time. The glory is the shades of the trees and the stone in the Autumn sunlight.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

West Vale

Our walk today took us through some unfamiliar streets in West Vale. A the bottom of the street is the old railway viaduct which, I assume, is long unused.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Edie And Mother

Spent some time yesterday investigating the background of Isobel's grandfather and grandmother, Kaye Holroyd Berry and his wife Sarah Ann (Shaw). This is a picture of Isobel's mother, Edie, with Sarah Ann. Written on the back of the small photo is the following : "10/8/47. Edie and Mother. She wanted to get dressed up but we told her it didn't matter for snaps".

A Tip Too Far

After spending an hour cleaning his room I discovered the state of the apartment's common room. But this was a tip too far. I abandoned ship and we set off back to Huddersfield.

Living In A Tip

On Saturday morning I collected Alexander from his room at University. My plan for a swift turn-around and return to Huddersfield was shot out of the water by discovering the tip-like conditions my son was existing in. So we spend an hour cleaning his room before setting off home.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Hard Times

Walking through Huddersfield today I suddenly noticed the number of pawnbrokers and cheque-cashing shops that have suddenly sprouted from nowhere. It is a very visible sign of hard times.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

23 October : Old Friends

Parties are very much the thing at the moment. Last weekend it was Samir's 30th. This coming weekend it is dph's 50th birthday party (yes, he does exist) and next week it is Brian Duerden's retirement party. Trying to put together a card for dph means scanning through some old photographs. This is one of my favourites. It was taken on a holiday to La Rochelle in France.

22 October : Samir and Bader

Again from the birthday party, this picture of Samir with his father, my good friend Bader.

21 October : Samir At Thirty

On Saturday night we went to Sheffield to our friend Samir's thirtieth birthday party. He was back from New York for the occasion and the theme of the evening was Indian. Isobel managed a kaftan, whereas I was wearing ... well the advantage of always taking the photographs is that nobody will ever know.

20 October : The Power Of The Moon

Occasionally the October clouds clear and you have blazing blue skies. This was taken mid-morning but the moon was still up, framed by the electricity pylon.

19 October : Marsden Duck Race

The last of the Marsden shots shows a skip, a JCV and the River Colne. What you can't see is the hundreds of plastic ducks inside the skip. The are about to be dumped into the River for the start of the great Marsden Duck Race.

18 October : The Anchormen on the Bridge

Saturday was a dull and drizzly day, but Sunday was gorgeous. The Anchormen played on the Marquee on the Bridge and the sound swept down the valley. It was a wonderful experience.

17 October : Unfurl at the Legion

One of my trips up to the British Legion was to see Unfurl, one of the "Hot New Bands at the Legion". Olivia Moore played violin in a haunting manner. The one thing I love about this picture is the composition - the way your eye is taken on a tour around the canvas.

16 October : Colonel Alexander Hitchcock Galloway

The Temperance Seven were one of our guests on the Friday evening. Of course there are eight members of the band, the eighth being pictured above. To quote from the band's website : "Colonel Alexander Hitchcock Galloway - Second-In-Command and Megaphonic Refrain. The Colonel is best known for his Gargantuan Appetite and answers to the Soubriquet “Trencherman” within the Ranks of the Orchestra. Silver Medallist at the Prince Phillip National Flatulence Championships, the Colonel lists his Hobbies as Fasting and Flagellation".

15 October : Stoking Up

The full set of Marsden photographs is available in one of my on-line Picasa albums. Not all the photographs are in that album and this category includes this picture of Rod Mason preparing for his evening gig with Ben Crosland and Dave O'Higgins.

14 October : Marsden Mill

For some reason over the Festival weekend I kept walking from the centre of the village up to the British Legion. I must have done the journey half a dozen times. The walk takes you past Marsden Mill, much of which now lies empty. For some reason it missed out on the mill conversion programme, and now it is perhaps too late.

13 October : Plotting and Planning

A photograph taken on the day the 2008 Marsden Jazz Festival started. The first event is still some hours away but Eric and Barney take on refreshments in anticipation of the stress to come.

12 October : Rock Of Ages

Rock of ages, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in Thee. But not for much longer. My rock of ages - the Rock Inn, Upper Edge Elland, is due to close in the coming few days. Could my zeal no respite know, could my tears forever flow, such a pub I'll never know.

11 October : From The Window

From the window of the Chequers. Such an English village scene. It's all there - the kettle, the telephone box, the green.

10 October : The Chequers Inn

After visiting Lee in Garforth we called in at the Chequers Inn at Ledsham for lunch. A lovely pub set in a beautiful village.

09 October : Amy The Dog

Amy the dog - captures whilst she was having a snooze. It isn't hard catching Amy having a snooze. She spends most of the day having a snooze. At night, however, she sleeps.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

08 October : Lee The Greengrocer

Lee and Louise moved into their new shop last week and today half the family drove over to Garforth for a visit. And what a superb shop it is - everything you could want from a quality greengrocers and much more.

07 October : Corn

I think this is corn, but I have never been any good with crops and earth and stuff. Anyway it was green and growing and in a field Amy and I walked past.

Monday, 6 October 2008

06 October : Broad Street, Oxford

One of those photographs which never match the actual vision. It was late afternoon and the sky was clouding over. The stone of the college buildings was turned dark by the sinking sun but the shops higher up Broad Street were still colourful and almost shone. The picture doesn't catch it so you will just have to imagine it.

05 October : Abingdon Letters

Staying with our day out in Abingdon, this was an old corn merchant's shop which had been converted into an estate agents or something similarly transient. The lettering above the shop window remains and it is quite beautiful.

04 October : The Brewery Tap

On our drive into Abingdon I spotted the Brewery Tap and walked back to pay it a visit later. In fact it was only the tap for Morland's Brewery for about three years, having been created from a row of brewery offices. And just as it came the brewery went, so it remains a tap without a tank. so to speak.

03 October : Abingdon Brewery

Abingdon was once the home of Morland's Brewery until 2000 when, following a takeover by Greene King, the brewery was closed down and turned into a housing development. The colourful wall-plates are a sad reminder of better days.

02 October : Abingdon County Hall

A few days in Oxford and we visit Abingdon. A strange baroque County Hall dominates what is largely a dull red-brick shopping centre.

01 October : The First Supper

Alexander is now at University but only twenty-odd miles separate him from home and therefore we are able to meet up fairly regularly. Our first meeting was one with M&C and the boys for a meal out at the Loch Fyne in Sheffield.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


The roof tiles from the house. Beautiful colours, patterns and shapes.
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The Pool

The swimming pool in the garden. Cool, inviting, relaxing ... fun.
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FOUND 1 : Walking With Confidence

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