Friday, 21 September 2007

Whitelocks 1

Having a pint at Whitelocks in Leeds and I couldn't resist the wonderful signs. That lettering didn't come from a drop-down menu. Wonderful.

The New Face Of Yorkshire

Turning around 180 degrees from the cottages in the last photograph brings you to a new housing estate. It's called Suade or Quattro or Gauche or something similar.

So Typically Yorkshire

I've taken numerous photographs of this little row of cottages. Somehow it's so typically Yorkshire. They are situated well of the main road with just a dirt track to them. They seem to belong to an earlier time.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Gloomy Tuesday

This was taken today. I quite like the way the sun is almost burning a path through the thick foliage until it reaches the ground. The woods really are as gloomy as this.

Monday, 17 September 2007


Caught : a moment in time. Not October 2006 as the calendar suggests (frozen in time at the point of my retirement) but the 17 September 2007. The story on the television subtitles is the collapse of the Northern Rock Building Society.


I have been dusting my bookshelves and tidying the pile of volumes. My books are not filed - there is no subject listing or alphabetical approach. Thus Vaclav Havel sits next to Patricia Highsmith : and I am sure that both of them are very happy.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

This broken bridge over troubled waters is on one of our daily walks. I had intended to take a photograph of Amy leaping across it (to those who have been reading previous posts I should stress that I mean Amy the dog and not Amy my late Aunt). However, coward that she is, she totally refused to make the jump.

Shopping on Coronation Street

This is from the same batch as the previous photograph (sisters). It was taken on a trip to the Granada Studios in Manchester. I would guess that it was taken about 1994. I suppose experts on Coronation Street architecture will be able to date it more accurately.


Still trawling the family photographs. This one is much more recent and because it is one of mine and not Uncle Frank, there is no date available for it. The subject is clear however. That is my mother (Gladys) on the left and her sister Amy on the right. Those following Fat Dog To The Big Apple might be interested in noting that Amy the dog was named in memory of Amy the Aunt.

Still 24 April 1948

The same day, the same wedding. From the left the photo shows my brother Roger, my father Albert, my Uncle John and his bride Aunty Doris, unknown person, my Uncle Frank and finally, my Aunty Miriam. And where was I? Still a couple of months away from making my entrance.

24 April 1948

Sorting out some old family photographs I came across this one. It was in an album kept by my Uncle Frank and therefore guaranteed to be carefully recorded with date, place and subject matter. Thus I know that it was taken on 24 April 1948 at the wedding of my Uncle John. The photograph shows my grandmother (Harriet Ellen Burnett), my Aunty Miriam (Miriam Fieldhouse), and my grandfather (Enoch Burnett).

Monday, 10 September 2007

No Idea ... But Does Anyone?

Someone had pinned this notice to a local lamp-post over the weekend. I tried to read it this morning but had to admit that other than words such as "Huddersfield" and "Artists On The Night", I have no idea what a single word means. What, for example is "Kegzi DBN Set + MC's? There again, do I want to know?

No idea ... But Does He?

I took this picture on one of the Canary Islands. I have no idea who it is. I was sat cleaning the muck off the camera lens. Glancing in the viewing screen I saw this chap looking at me. The camera was on my knee and the viewing screen was angled up, so he would have no idea I was taking the shot. Now, looking at it, I wonder if he knew.

Autumn Colours

Autumn has crept in. It is even more of a surprise than usual as there has been little or no summer. But the Autumn colours are here : greens turning brown.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Bodies At Random

There is something about the shape of this assemblage of bodies which is brought into sharper focus when the detail is removed by a lack of focus. It makes you want to turn the scene into a stained glass window.

Graffiti Rules OK

I must confess I quite like graffiti. The combination of colour and shapes gives it an immediacy that many an artist would give their high teeth for. This was in Lisbon.

Lisbon Steps

Back to our recent holiday. One day I forced my fellow travellers out into the afternoon heat of Lisbon to walk the streets and look at the buildings. And we climbed this stairway.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

North Street, Keighley

This is North Street Keighley. The buildings are of the grand Victorian Spa Town variety but Keighley is anything but a spa town. The sun toasted the stone until it was this lovely golden brown colour.

Monday, 3 September 2007

How Sad

This was on La Palma in the Canary Islands. The digital age is bringing an end to shops like this throughout the world. When was the last time anyone bought a roll film?

Amy Afloat

Another picture from the weekend journey up the Oxford Canal. Isobel and Amy seem at peace, but a few moments earlier Amy had attempted to walk on water. Luckily her lead stopped her just as she was about to give chase to some ducks.

Janie Afloat

Janie during a relaxed moment during our trip along the Oxford Canal. I should point out that it was a rare moment of relaxation for her between opening lock-gates and lifting swing bridges.

FOUND 1 : Walking With Confidence

  FOUND 1 : The joy of found photographs is that, whilst they provide a visual superstructure, you are free to construct your own backstory ...