Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Summer Break

Alan Burnett and his camera are off on holiday. They will return - hopefully with a good supply of photographs of the Atlantic Islands and Portugal - in three weeks time.

Rastrick Road

The road sign must be about 150 years old. It's to be found on a back road well away from the flow of traffic. What was its purpose?

Yorkshire Cottages

A group of Yorkshire cottages just down the road. I must have walked by them hundreds of times but never really noticed them. It's the pink and blue pain that makes all the difference.

Sheep May Safely Graze

Sheep safely graze on the embankment leading up to the M62. In this case the blue is not a painted background.

True Reflections In A Church Window

The sky-blue is paint rather than a reflection of the sky. But today was one of the very few days of this summer of 2007 when it could have been a true reflection.


The numbers are strong, functional, anti-decorative. But why 1243.5?

Monday, 30 July 2007

Jig-Saw Puzzle Clouds

This was taken today with my mobile phone. The jig-saw puzzle clouds have been wonderful for the last two days now.

Kite Surfing 2

Here's the kite bit of the contraption in full flow. If you follow the rope down you will come to where the surfer would have been if I hadn't cropped Janie's photograph a little too keenly.

Kite Surfing 1

We have managed to escape much of the atrocious weather that has hit other parts of the country over recent weeks and caused widespread flooding. Thus, no photographs from me of flood waters washing down Bradley Road. However my friend Janie has come to my rescue with some shots of Port Meadow in Oxford, which is now a lake. And nothing like an impromptu lake to attract the kite-surfers.

Daisy Tree

The dreadful summer weather has leached much of the joy from my little balcony and its two daisy trees. They limp on though, even though they are clearly in need of dead-heading.

Terracotta Palace

A trip to Manchester and one of the fine terracotta hotels - built like a complex wedding cake.


There is something about the shape of the farmhouse and the curves of the hills. There is a similar scene on the far side of Huddersfield that I have been trying to successfully photograph for twenty years. Still not managed it. Still Trying.

Whit Walk

This was Sheffield in the 1980s. The tradition of the Sunday School Whit Walks still hung on. Do Sunday Schools still exist?


I have no idea what this is (or was). It must have started life as one of my photographs which became the subject of an experiment in digital metamorphosis. And then it was discarded in a "Misc" folder on my computer. It is good that it is now seeing the light of day - wherever it might be.

Just A Uniform Kid

Alexander as a wolf cub. Years ago when he was young and cute. As with most things, he gave it up shortly after we had bought the uniform.

Still In Brid

Still in Bridlington but jumping forward a good few years. I remember taking this, looking down from the promenade by the harbour. Must have been sometime in the seventies.

Charabanc Outing

This must be someone in the family, but I am not sure who. But I have a feeling it is Bridlington. An early Charabanc trip from Bradford no doubt.

Boot Hill

This was a boot-makers shop. In Sheffield I think. Probably about 25 years ago. It is the lettering which makes it so special.

This Will Teach You

I was on the point of abandoning the Daily Photo Blog having come to the conclusion that it was becoming a little boring. Then I was talking to my friend Arthur Giles who claimed that it was one of his favourites (we'd both had a glass or two at the time). So it is saved. And Arthur Giles is to blame. Here's an old photo from the archives of Arthur and Cathy. That will teach you.

A Dip Into The Archives

Just the simple task of writing a date on the back of a photograph gives it a place in the timeline. Thus I can see this is January 1991 and therefore it must be our front garden at Coldwell Lane in Sheffield. And in the deep deep snow.

All Trussed Up And Ready For The Orange

This duck does seems to be preparing itself for the oven. Is this what is meant by an "Oven-Ready Duck"?


Close-up and personal with a duck. The real delight is the patch of vibrant blue amongst the black, brown and white. But why? What is its function.

Stairway From The Sky

The canal climbs down from the Standedge Tunnel, following the Colne Valley : like a gigantic watery stairway from the sky.

Lock Shapes

Some nice shapes in Marsden : underneath a bridge, looking towards the lock gates. The canal looks astonishingly narrow at this point.

Grave Stones

Still Marsden - you need to make the best of a Sunny day this year - and this is the graveyard of St. Bartholomew's' Church. The natural local stone monuments have far more gravitas than the fancy marble ones.

Marsden In The Sun

Anywhere in the sun would be unusual this summer and Marsden in the sun is always a bit of a novelty. Here the stone walls of the Mechanics Hall are beginning to glow - hopefully in anticipation of a prolonged hot spell stretching all the way to the October Jazz Festival.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

That Kind Of Day, That Kind Of Summer

Thick cloud: so thick you forget there is a sun up there in the sky. Heavy rain: so heavy it turns the ground into a sponge. That kind of day: that kind of summer.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Shining Like A Beacon In The Dark, Wet Night

Through the post comes a surprise present for Amy. A jacket that glows in the dark. Just the thing for these wet dark nights. Our thanks to Mark who I suspect was the originator of this, anonymous, offering.

Karaoke Stars

But whilst some sat things out and mouthed along with the more familiar tunes, others took to their feet and gave a performance to remember. Dave and Jenny sing .... well I forget what they were singing, but it was a performance to remember.

Karaoke Nights

Alexander and Dave in full swing at the Rock Tavern Karaoke as June gives way to July and a series of lost postings are forgotten in the optimism of a new month.

FOUND 1 : Walking With Confidence

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