Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Dating The Disk

The digital files from the old disk do not contain any information concerning the date the photographs were taken. However the clue from this birthday cake firmly dates it as November 1994.

Where Is This?

The disk with the 1994 photographs contains a couple which show fishing boats with a town or city in the background. I have tried hard to recall where on earth this could be. I can't remember visiting the place, nor can I remember where I went on holiday to thirteen years ago. Any suggestions?

Me in 1994

It is strange finding this photograph of me from thirteen years ago. These would have been the days of deafness - I did,t have my cochlear implant until four and a half years later. It is interesting to note that my hair was just as grey then.

Alexander 1994

And here is Alexander back in 1994. Five years old and just having started infant school. And soon he will be leaving Sixth Form College. Tempus whatsit.

Rhoda 1994

Sorting out some old CDs, I came across a couple dating back to 1994. This was in the very early days of digital image processing. You could take pictures on an ordinary film camera and then send the film off to Kodak who would send you a disk back with the appropriate image files on. But this was before image handling and printing technology had caught up with computer developments so the images remained unprinted and forgotten. Until I found the disk today. Here is Rhoda (see the image of a couple of days ago) back in December 1994.

Alexander on the Move

Another of my blurred pictures and yet again one I like. It would be wrong to portray Alexander at rest, so the movement in this picture provides a truer feeling of a seventeen-year old in constant motion.

Rhoda 2007

The main guest at the family party was Carries' mother, Rhoda. Now confined to a wheelchair and increasingly frail, it was still good to see her back at the centre of her family.

Beverley and Amy

Beverley, my cousin twenty-seven times removed. The family party coincided with a short visit to the UK from her home in Spain. Once again, Amy hogs the scene.

Family Party

Once again, Amy is trying to steal the limelight in this shot from the weekend's family party. Zack waves as Alexander looks on.

Happy Birthday Carrie

Today (June 10th) is Cousin Carries' birthday. Amy shares the limelight at a party at our house.

Leeds Waterfront

I took this photograph of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Leeds some forty years ago. Then, the canal in Leeds was nothing more than a dumping ground and coal barges still brought locally mined coal into the heart of the city. Now, it is all high-rise flats and city banks.

Poppy 2

The colour, the shapes, the texture of the blooms are astonishing. They all change when you change your angle of view so, just by moving a few feet, a whole new vista is displayed.

Poppy 1

Just outside our front door are some poppies. The have been threatening (promising) to burst into bloom for days now. Today they opened up to the world.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

St Ives

The only clue I have is that the photograph is described as "St Ives". It forms part of a series contained in a small album which would appear to date from the 1930s. At this time, my mother and father and their friend (who I knew much later as Uncle Charlie) would travel around Britain on their motorbykes. That is not my father, so I assume that he was behind the camera and that this is my mother and Charlie. Actually, if you compare the look on her face here and the look some seventy years later (see Gladys), there is a resemblance.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Yorkshire Belle

Not sure when I took this photograph - twenty years or so ago at least. A quick check on the web shows that the Yorkshire Belle still exists and still sails out of Bridlington Harbour. I remember going on the boat as a small child and collecting the tin and plastic badges which were available as a souvenir of the voyage.

Nest 2

The photographs are poor and don't do justice to the delights of the nest and the chicks. But I could not justify a second exploration of the bush. The nest must now be left in peace. If the price of this is a set of blurred photographs - then so be it.

Nest 1

Cousin Dave was putting some new windows in the garage door and spotted a robin dive into a bush with a worm in its mouth. Careful investigation revealed a nest of five chicks.


I am not sure why I am including this photograph of my mother. I suppose I have been thinking of her a lot recently. The shape of the mouth - could you call it a smile? - is classic and Mona Lisa like in its intensity. I miss it.

Chartist Rally

An old and quite precious photograph from the archives. The date was the mid 1960s, the place up on the moors high above Halifax. The occasion was a meeting to commemorate the march by Chartists from Lancashire to Yorkshire. The speaker is the late Tim Enright, one of the great heroes of the local socialist movement.

FOUND 1 : Walking With Confidence

  FOUND 1 : The joy of found photographs is that, whilst they provide a visual superstructure, you are free to construct your own backstory ...