Friday, 16 November 2007


I like it. I don't know why. Spotted it on my walk this morning. 49 is a house, I think.

Can't Draw, Won't Draw

I can't draw. I have never been able to draw. Here is proof of the fact.

Harbinger Of Winter

For the first time this year the grass was frozen as Amy and I walked out this morning. The shape of things to come.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Back To The Road

Back to the road again. Indeed, I think it is the same chap at the bus stop that I photographed in February. Perhaps he has been waiting for a bus since then.

Fords And Wet Feet

Just down the road is a ford. Somehow, it is remarkable that such things still exist in this day and age. No doubt they will all be banned soon because of the unacceptable risk of getting your feet wet.

Lunch With Xander

On Sunday a celebration lunch from Harry and Elaine to mark Alexanders' upcoming 18th birthday.

Looking Down On Huddersfield

Everytime there is a weak sun low in the sky I am drawn to this spot searching for an image I know is there. Still not found it though.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Magnificent Station

But just as magnificent as the Minster and the other architectural delights of York is the railway station. Here it is as I await my home bound train.

Magnificent Minster

Still in York. A view of the magnificent York Minster from the city walls. Ir was blowing a gale when I took this, making the walk somewhat precarious.

George Leeman

On a trip to York, the first thing that catches my eye as I leave the station is the statue of a Victorian gentleman. I had always imagined that this was George Hudson, the so-called railway King. But it turns out to be George Leeman, Chairman of the NER, MP and Lord Mayor of York three times.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Xan and Wills

My favourite photo of the night. To anyone who knows Xan and Wills the stance, the movement, the clothes are unmistakable.

The Milky Way

I always say the next best thing to having a lot of money to burn on bonfire night is having a neighbour who has a lot of money .......

At Last The Bonfire

At last the bonfire. You can almost feel the heat off it.

Natural Lighting

A lantern at the Atkin's bonfire makes a simple but pleasing image.

Ed Is A Teenager!

It's Ed's birthday today and he's thirteen. He's the kind of chap who brings a light to the lives of all who know him. Happy birthday Ed.

Waiting For The Fireworks

November means bonfire night - here the trio of Mabel, Issy and Chrissy - wait for the display to start.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Elland Skyline

This was taken in Elland about thirty years ago. The combination of the cast-iron chimney pots, the TV aerials and the statue make for a wonderful photo. I must go and investigate whether they are all still there.


It seems ages since we dipped into the archives. This one must date back about 25 years or so. Both Isobel and our good friends Mark and Chrissy are looking young and comparatively carefree. But the real star of the photo is Neddy the car. What memories.

Haworth Cottage

This was just a little cottage on the main street in Haworth. The coming of winter and the lack of a garden doesn't stop a magnificent display.

Haworth, West Yorkshire

Another shot from the Haworth visit. Black and white quite suits the stone cottages and cobbled streets.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

A Pint At The Black Bull

A visit to Haworth meant I could grab a pint in the Black Bull and add it to my collection for the 100 pint challenge. I also added it to my Blog of Great Yorkshire Pubs.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The Sun And The Crematorium

Looking back over the past nine months of this blog there must be dozens of pictures of the Crematorium that Amy and I walk through most days. There are enough seasonal photos amongst them to easily produce a calendar. "A Year In The Huddersfield Crematorium", I can see it now on the Christmas shop shelves.

Soft Coated Wheaten Leaves

At this time of year it is easy to lose Amy, our soft-coated wheaten terrier. The gold and brown leaves provide perfect cover. Sometimes she will stand perfectly still and you need to screw your eyes up looking for her. And then a squirrel will climb a tree and she is off like the wind and the leaves fly into the sky as she leaps towards her pray. Unsuccessfully I am glad to say.

Mist And Sun

The combination of mist and sun at this time of the year gives some wonderful results. It is my favourite time of the year for taking photographs.

The Cow And The Motorway

During our walk this morning, this cow caught my eye. It was stood on a small hill overlooking the motorway. Unfortunately, in this shot, the motorway doesn't come out very well so I will need to revisit the scene.


These leaves were simply picked from whatever carnivore is growing all up the back wall of our house. The colours seem more extreme than usual this year.


Dave came around for some photos for his new bus pass the other day. Couldn't help including this in the batch. We decided we would pin it up in the pub and ask for suitable slogans. The best so far is : "Dave realised he had probably made a mistake in going to that new Taliban shop when he decided to have a make-over".

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Pub Sign, Heath Common

This was the sign at the Kings Arms, Heath Common, which is near Wakefield. An absolutely delightful pub, captured for my series on Great Yorkshire pubs.

Sun Through The Fence

The sun was unusually strong and sharp today turning this fence into a thing of some beauty.

Sun Through The Trees

I must have done this photograph a hundred times but I never tire of the subject. The Autumn sun seeps through the trees.

MJF 4 : Marquee On The Bridge

This picture seems to sum up much of what Marsden is. The river, the ducks, the marquee and the young musicians playing for the sheer joy of it. It was a good Festival.

MJF 3 - Dennis Rollins

The Festival was brought to a spectacular conclusion on Sunday by our weekend guest, Denni Rollins, taking the stage with Badbone. Superb.

MJF 2 : Guitarist

The Saturday evening Mechanics gig brought Liane Carroll to Marsden. This was her guitarist whose name I didn't catch.

MJF 1 - Chris Barber

Day 1 of the 2007 Marsden Jazz Festival. The Friday concert at the Mechanics featured Chris Barber, still going strong after all these years.

The Shapes and Colours of Autumn

The leaves are in full fall now, carpeting every available surface. There is not only a colour to Autumn but also a shape. The American's are lucky, the have the descriptive term "the Fall" which is perfect.

She Ain't Heavy ... She's My Sister

This great ball of fur was carried into my room this evening by Alexander. Despite the sentiment, she is heavy. We need to start some serious walking again.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Hot Hands

Still at last weekend's Scarborough Jazz Festival, the real star of which was a young American percussionist called Richie Barshay. This is him getting the audience involved is some very complex clapping rhythms.

Hot Mallets

I seem to recall that it was the great American vibraphone player Lionel Hampton who had an LP entitled "Hot Mallets". The title could now be deservedly handed on to the young British player, Jim Hart, who was superb at the 2007 Scarborough Jazz Festival.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Whitelocks 1

Having a pint at Whitelocks in Leeds and I couldn't resist the wonderful signs. That lettering didn't come from a drop-down menu. Wonderful.

The New Face Of Yorkshire

Turning around 180 degrees from the cottages in the last photograph brings you to a new housing estate. It's called Suade or Quattro or Gauche or something similar.

So Typically Yorkshire

I've taken numerous photographs of this little row of cottages. Somehow it's so typically Yorkshire. They are situated well of the main road with just a dirt track to them. They seem to belong to an earlier time.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Gloomy Tuesday

This was taken today. I quite like the way the sun is almost burning a path through the thick foliage until it reaches the ground. The woods really are as gloomy as this.

Monday, 17 September 2007


Caught : a moment in time. Not October 2006 as the calendar suggests (frozen in time at the point of my retirement) but the 17 September 2007. The story on the television subtitles is the collapse of the Northern Rock Building Society.

FOUND 1 : Walking With Confidence

  FOUND 1 : The joy of found photographs is that, whilst they provide a visual superstructure, you are free to construct your own backstory ...