Tuesday, 14 March 2017

1558 : Refreshing Tenby (1991)

Tenby, Pembrokeshire (1991)

I have always thought that Tenby looks like a seaside resort should look like. Yellow sands pierced by jagged rocks, climbing cliffs, cottages painted in the colours of Barratt's Refreshers.


Jo Featherston said...

I don't know what Barratt's Refreshers are - British sweets of some kind? - but I do remember Tenby as an attractive beach when we visited a few years ago.

Sean Bentley said...

Hi Alan, my wife and I (and 5-yr-old son) stumbled on Tenby in 1997 en route from Laugharne to Newport. We had such a good time there, though only 24 hours, that to this day when traveling, when we have a particularly unexpected pleasant experience we say "It's a Tenby moment!"