Tuesday, 6 December 2016

1516 : Salvation Has Dried Up


Chapels are dotted around Batley like second thoughts. Once, religion overflowed from the citizens like rainwater out of a Manchester water butt. Now the chapels are workshops and restaurants and boarded-up ruins. Salvation has dried up.


Roy said...

Heh, heh! In Newport, RI a lot of old churches have been turned into residences. But on the salvation theme,,, There's a restaurant on Broadway called Salvation Cafe, which used to be next to the local Salvation Army store until that store burned down. The restaurant is still in business, though, and their dished and flatware and glassware and furniture all come from the Salvation Army, and the daily specials are based on what's fresh in the market that morning. When I still lived in Newport the Salvation Cafe was my favorite eatery!

L. D. said...

And yet on my main highway to Des Moines, Iowa, a very large church is building a third large church in the area. Our population wants a big building now with lots of people attending. My own church has set up another church in a fast growing area where the original church shrank and died. Our older structures in the state have become community centers.