Monday, 8 February 2016

1432 : Awaiting A Comment in 2086

I love old photos and what I love about them is their inconsequential elements. They may be photographs of Auntie Winnie or Pesco the Dog and Bridlington Harbour - but with the benefit of sixty or seventy years of hindsight, what is fascinating is Auntie Winnie's front room curtains, Pesco's dog-dish, or the motor van parked on the harbour side. So, here is a challenge to my grandchildren : what is the inconsequential fascination of this shot I took today whilst waiting at the Supermarket check-out. I have printed the photo off, placed it in a sealed envelope, and written on the front "To be opened in 2086" Perhaps they would be kind enough to add a comment to this post telling us what is of historical significance within this photograph.

1 comment:

Chairman Bill said...

Is that the valuable antique from 2016 - i.e. physical money - changing hands at the till?