Monday, 11 January 2016

1420 : Lost In The Shadows Of Under Exposure

1601B-20 : Halifax Gas Works - Alan Burnett (1966)

This is a scan of a colour slide I shot fifty years ago which had always been lost in the shadows of under-exposure. Back in those days even the brightest of projector bulbs would fail to cast any light on the subject which was the old Halifax Gas Works and what remained of the goods line by North Bridge. The wonders of modern technology allow me as a photographer to step back fifty years to the moment the picture was taken: and this time I can correctly set the aperture of the lens and see the shot for what it is. There is a grim beauty in that old landscape which was worth reviving.

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L. D. said...

My dad had photos of things he saw while he was in the service. One shot was so bad but once I had scanned and cleared, Nortre Dame was standing there if pretty much good clarity. I think you have recreated a great shot.