Friday, 11 December 2015

1409 : The Leach Of Smoke

This is the fourth image from my strip of 1966 negatives and by now I have obviously walked along Godley Bank in the direction of Southowran Bank. Even though it is the 1960s, the memory of industrial pollution still lingers on: the smoke seeming to leach out of the very hills into the atmosphere.


Chairman Bill said...

It's strange how many people hark back to an idyllic period and want to keep things just as they are, but this shows how things has improved vastly in many areas.

titust45 said...

Sorry Alan but you're travelling in the opposite direction to Southowram Bank. You seem to have walked from Godley Bridge, along Claremount Road and then up Bradford Old Road towards the "Tops." You'll soon be at Ploughcroft. I left Halifax 50 years ago but I still remember tramping these hills.