Saturday, 5 September 2015

1371 : The Yellow Plastic Penguins Of Prague

Some cities would be a bit sniffy about having an installation of yellow penguins made from recycled plastic bottles next to an iconic medieval bridge. Some cities might not like the way they lit up at night. The way they drew the eyes of tourists away from ancient churches and marble statues. Some cities would not have it. But Prague loves upside-down horses, chicken-wire washing and yellow plastic penguins. That's why I like Prague.


Karen S. said...

And, this is why I need to visit Prague! I'm going to pop this post over to my daughter and see if she saw this outstanding work of art while she was there. It might be too recent, as her visit was back in 2007! But she'll love the photo anyway! (Quite possibly it will urge her to revisit Prague again, but now with her hubby and little girl.)

L. D. said...

It is a great creative message. Getting you penguins in a row is a good thing too. I would have turned one of them in another direction. It is a lot of fun.