Thursday, 3 September 2015

1369 : Wool On The Drizzled Breeze

I grew up with wool. My childhood was spent in the West Riding of Yorkshire when the wooden industry still survived. Wool clung to the barbed wire on the moors. Wool spilled out of sacks stacked outside stone mills. Wool fibres floated on the drizzled breeze. Now they are a museum exhibit.


Jo Featherston said...

Surprised to read that the woollen industry is no more in Yorkshire, as I'm pretty sure my son-in-law's shearer brother has only recently returned from working over there for a few months.

Karen S. said...

Yes, it does seem so doesn't it. However, this photo is remarkable, it speaks to the very nature of what once was but still is of the most importance to remember.

Jo Featherston said...

Sorry Alan, I was mistaken - my son-in-law's brother was shearing in Lincolnshire, not Yorkshire.