Thursday, 30 July 2015

1343 : Bankside, Bradford, And The Developers

I took this photograph forty years ago. When I was first filing the digital copy away I made the assumption that it was taken in West Yorkshire - it has the look of the walkways that linked adjacent mill buildings. But now I come to look at it again I am beginning to change my mind. That is brick, not stone, and back in 1975 I spent most of my time in London. I suspect that this might be Bankside, Southwark - before the developers moved in.

There are two photographs for the price of one today and my second photograph was certainly taken in West Yorkshire - in Bradford to be precise, yesterday. There is a common thread linking the two - and it isn't just the walkways in silhouette (I have never been able to resist shots against the sky).  This is a photograph of the new Broadway development in Bradford City centre, so it is Bradford - after the developers moved in.

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