Monday, 8 June 2015

1315 : Plastic Memories

Brighouse 1940s Weekend : 6 June 2015
Authentic uniforms and carefully preserved vehicles help capture a time seventy five long years ago. As genuine as a plastic beer glass.


ChrisJ said...

Good catch. You're surely alert to photo ops!

Martin Robert said...

I can't see the object of your post? So you didn't like the event or don't agree with it? So what? An estimated boost of £1m to the local economy, thousands attended and had a great time. People from all over the country in fact. Did you take the time to speak to the chap in the photo? No. If you had you'd have discovered that he was owner of one of the genuine war time military vehicles present, brought at his own expense from over 100 miles away so that people could see and touch the genuine article, ask questions and be educated.
Why didn't you photograph and criticize the burgers and hot dogs on sale I'm sure there weren't 'original' either.
If you don't like it don't attend and certainly hide behind the anonymity of the internet to post your thoughts.

Alan Burnett said...

Martin, why not read the longer piece I wrote about the weekend on my News From Nowhere Blog I think you will find I said most of the things you said above. As far as anonymity is concerned, I think a blog called Alan Burnett's Picture Post might give you a clue as to what my name is.