Thursday, 4 June 2015

1313 : Cricket Gates

Sir Leonard Hutton Gates, Headingley Cricket Ground, Leeds : 3 June 2015
The gates are wrought iron with holes cut out - a bit like an iron version of a paper silhouette. The burst of colour on the hat band of the upper figure was produced by a JCB or a tractor or something in the drive behind the gate. And before you ask, I was at Headingley taking photographs and not watching the cricket.


L. D. said...

I at first sight thought that was a 2D graphic and then I looked closer. It really is a nice design for that gate.

Chairman Bill said...

A Yorkie not watching the cricket? Heretic!

ChrisJ said...

I like this kind of art but I sometimes have trouble mentally trying to see it -- like those posters of many little colored squares and you're supposed to see a 3 D image in it. It has something to do with depth perception I think. But I've got this far in life, I can live without it for the rest of the time.