Saturday, 21 February 2015

1253 : A Sense Of Humour On The Way To Buxton

Buxton is a lovely Georgian spa town set within the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District. So what better name to give to a 1960s concrete canyon in Huddersfield town centre than Buxton Way? It is nice to think that town planners had a sense of humour back then.

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ChrisJ said...

Just go down the road from Buxton towards Bakewell and you will pass very close to my teacher's college near Ashford-in- the Water. Such gorgeous countryside. I loved my years (about 4, on and off) in the Peak district. Sorry not a city person. But your photos are interesting.

Concrete Canyon would have been a good name. We have a lot of real canyons here with many rattle snakes and coyotes. But our town has been very carefully planned and laid out so as to give some woodlands, lagoons , parks and trails too.