Saturday, 23 August 2014

1217 : Shall I See You As A June Day?

AA16.68 : Matlock Bath, Derbyshire Scanned 35mm B&W Negative Circa 1990
Shooting the countryside in monochrome film is a bit like writing a sonnet using only words of four letters or less. "Will I see you as a June day, You are more nice and fit as well ...."


L. D. said...

It is a wonderful view. The black and white adds to the character of the large valley area.

Roy said...

Darn! I commented on Facebook thinking I was commenting here, so I'll repeat. This looks good to me. Any good photographer in b&w can make you forget that color might be a necessary element in a photo. Good work!

Anonymous said...

I've never heard anyone paraphrase the old radio versus tv quote: "The difference between black and white photography and colour photography is that with black and white photography the colours are better."

I have now.