Thursday, 14 August 2014

1212 : Filter And Fudge

2014.08A.35 :  Bikes  Scanned 6x6 Negative Circa 1982
Sometimes with old negatives, you look at them again from the perspective of 30 years and think "there's a photograph in there somewhere". So you dig, you excavate, you filter and you fudge. But the photograph never really emerges.


Karen S. said...

Interesting photo, and I just love the saying, Filter and fudge! It's so you!!

L. D. said...

It is still a very fascinating photo with the rows of bikes. The lighting sees to be a special effect that some people would work hard in order to create it. I think it is a pretty classy shot.

Chairman Bill said...

Reminds me of the air-raid shelters at primary school. Who would think of having school air-raid shelters in the UK now?