Tuesday, 12 August 2014

1210 : Off Home

2014.0811.08  Off Home  Scanned 6x6 B&W Negative. Circa 1984
It might be morning, it might be evening. It might be Sheffield steel, it might be Grimsby fish. They might be workers or they might be stray passers-by. But there is something in the stance, something about the set of their limbs, something which says they are "off home".


santastu said...

This fine picture takes me right back to
Belling and Co, Enfield 1968.
where I did my engineering apprenticeship,
good times, sadly many of the industries have
left the area now and buildings demolished.

John said...

The gritty north - I see there is one of those dreadful little Hillman Imp type cars in the park. No wonder the Japanese and Germans squeezed us out.

Lisa B said...

good to see the cars in the background.