Friday, 8 August 2014

1207 : The Compass Point Jury Is Still Out

2014.08.09 : Park Hill Flats, Sheffield. Scanned 6x6 B&W Negative. Circa 1983
Park Hill Flats. In the 1960s I was taken on a tour of them by City Councillors and they proudly pointed to where the future was. And then they fell out of favour, polarities switched and they pointed to the past. Now they are Grade II listed, refurbished and student-centred. The compass point jury is still out.


John said...

All those old 'rust-bucket' cars as well - boy was our car industry in a mess. As you know, that area now has the 'new' trams which replaced the lovely old 'double-deckers' which were such a part of my childhood; all the female Clippies called you 'duck' then.

Lisa B said...

Are those the flats which had walkways wide enough for milk floats?
Lots to like in this shot, definitely a window to the not so distant past.