Tuesday, 5 August 2014

1204 : The Luminosity Of Sheffield Diamonds

2014.0804.07 :  Crookes Valley Steps. Scanned 35mm B&W Negative. Circa 1983
Light is magic. It can turn black into white. It can take a soot-encrusted stone and transform it into something with the luminosity of diamonds. It can transform a mucky old stone staircase into something rather beautiful.


Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful shot with the curved wall and the worn steps.

Karen S. said...

Absolutely it does, and it can change a ho hum nothing much of something and turn it into sensational somethings!

Chairman Bill said...

Where does it come from and to where doers it lead? What makes the steps necessary - some geographic obstacle, a planning lapse, a boundary? What is going through the minds of the people climbing or descending the steps?

Subject for a novel?

Mister D said...

love the contrast and curvature here - no other medium than b/w would do justice