Saturday, 2 August 2014

1201 : Back Street With Rabbit-Ear Chimneys

2014.0802.01 : Back Street With Chimneys Scanned 6x6 B&W Negative Circa 1973 
Enough stone to fill a quarry. A back street that leads from nowhere to nowhere else. Two rabbit-ear chimneys pointing skywards with conceited pride.


John said...

Great shot Alan, almost timeless but for the one wire. I could well believe the stones had not changed for 150 years.

ChrisJ said...

Wonderful. Must be truly historical by now. We called them back allys.
I lived for a year in Liverpool and had to enter our flat (over the P.O.) through one of these. My husband and family had an alley like this behind their house all his young life.

Anonymous said...

Good shots Allan. It is wonderful yhe way you take us back in time.