Monday, 21 July 2014

1191 : Piece Hall Market Day

2014.0721.02 : Market Day - B&W 35mm Negative. Circa 1978
The Piece Hall, Halifax. Stone colonnades and 300 rooms enclosing a large public space. Built in 1779 and gradually coloured with a patina of grime, sweat and smoke. In Venice there would be pavement cafes and string quartets. Up north there are market stalls.


Anonymous said...

I went to Copenhagen today and passed a place where there used to be flower and fruit stalls. They have now been cleared and "market halls" have been build in their place. They are very upmarket and lack atmosphere. A great pity.

John said...

Snow on the roof; I wonder if the Face Factory did much business. Nice little shot of 'social history'.

Lisa B said...

Oh I remember this magnificent building (in background) from another of your posts.