Wednesday, 8 August 2012

1075 : Snicket In Halifax

Lovers of the photography of the late Bill Brandt will recognise the scene which formed the basis of his famous 1937 photograph, Snicket in Halifax. My photograph was taken some 40 years later and resurfaces almost 40 years after that when it emerges at the top of my pile of negatives to re-scan.


Roy said...

I'm unfamiliar with Bill Brandt, but I know your work well and this is excellent!

Karen S. said...

Isn't that amazing! If asked I would have said sure that was taken yesterday! It is wonderful though how your country has such loveliness of old wonders just waiting to be noticed! That's one of the things I found so comforting and exciting, and why although London was spectacular it didn't have all the charm of say....Dover!...and all the spaces in between everywhere you went!

L. D. Burgus said...

It is a wonderful shot. It makes me think of the pbs shows that I watch that are filmed in your area. They like to find the neatest backgrounds and areas of the city that make the story to be enhanced.