Monday, 7 May 2012

1049 : Bowled Over In Halifax

In the background is Halifax Town Hall, a fine nineteenth century listed building by Charles Barry (who went on to design the Houses of Parliament). In the foreground is the 14 foot plastic bowling pin on top of the Halifax Bowl which was designed and built with all the flair of a matchbox in 1964. The monstrous pin caused such outrage that the council forced the company to take it down after six months (which nicely dates my photo), but the building remained standing for  another forty-five years. And then it was demolished and once again a clear view of the magnificent town hall was available  - well for at least  six months; until they built a new concrete shopping centre to replace it and once again hide Barry's masterpiece.

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Lisa B said...

How interesting. It would be funny (though probably not if I lived there) if the planners/architects of the new shopping centre had done some research and to keep the building in line with the history, had put the bowling pin back on top. ;)