Saturday, 14 April 2012

1037 : Proximity In Monochrome

I have a feeling that I took this picture in Stocksbridge, which is a few miles north of Sheffield. It will date back to the 1980s but I doubt whether much has changed today. The big industrial building behind the houses is the steelworks, part of which is still open. It is the close proximity of the rural, the domestic and the industrial that stands out.


Lisa B said...

It is amazing how close the houses are to the steelworks, especially the row of terrace houses.

Chairman Bill said...

Sheffield? No way! I can't see any pigeon lofts.

21 Wits said...

It does remind me of one from themes long ago, where it was buildings with bridges or had an awesome photo anyway, I'd have to go way back to see. But it's funny when I first viewed this photo, I thought of that one. I'll see if I can find the one I'm thinking of! Enjoy your weekend Alan!