Saturday, 17 March 2012

1013 : Whose Art Is It Anyway?

This is another photograph taken during my visit to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool on Thursday. It is a photograph of part of a painting: but is it a photograph or a painting? Is it my work or the work of the artist who painted the larger canvas? If I take a photograph of St Paul's Cathedral is the resulting image mine or Christopher Wrens?  I have no answers to these questions, but I do enjoy pinpointing parts of other peoples images when I go around galleries. Maybe this makes me an art thief: maybe I don't care.

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Olav Neerland said...

Hello! I'm a son of Olav Gjermund Neerland. He like to have your postal address since he failed to get it last time you were together in Funchal, Madeira. He's address is Grindalsveien 1, 2406 Elverum, Norway
Sincerely Olav Neerland