Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Around The World In 20 Memories - 3 : Barbados Palms

I seem to recall that when I launched this mini-series I promised there wouldn't be too many palm-fringed beaches. So how about a palm-fringed plantation house? It is January 2001 and we are in Barbados (a holiday not, I assure you, another EU summit meeting). It was our first day out there and we were still getting used to it not being January in West Yorkshire. Sipping rum cocktails and allowing your eyes to scale a majestic palm tree up into the bright blue sky is a pleasant way of getting used to this particular form of climate change. 


Chairman Bill said...

When at sea, I used to bring all manner of exotic birds home (of the feathered variety). Invariably they were of the parrot variety, necessitating me arriving home with a sack full of palm nuts, as that was their favourite food.

A bit oblique and antidisestablishmentatianism here nor there.

Oops, there I go again.

Alan Burnett said...

CB : You really should not be drinking at this time in the morning.

Valerie said...

Alan, I'm sure I would get a crick in the neck if I tried looking at the top of those palms. They're nice though. Sadly, we never made it to Barbados.

Brian Miller said...

being a little chilly this morning...this was a warming spot...nice pic

Michael and Hanne said...

Yes, and gray skies too here.
Gray is more cheerful than grey I always think.
Your blue skies and palms spruced our morning. No pun intended.
We are both drinking too Bill, but only coffee.