Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Around The World In 20 Memories - 11 Shopping In Panama

I have hundreds of photographs of the Panama Canal : photographs of massive locks and ships in transit, but this photograph taken in a canal-side market in Cristobal at the northern end of the canal seems to bring the memories flooding back. I suppose one could go on and on about the false nature of t-shirt tourism : but if one of those shoppers had turned around and taken a photograph of me, they would have captured an image of a little fat man wearing a Panama Canal t-shirt taking a photograph of them. People who live in cotton shirts shouldn't throw pineapples.


Chairman Bill said...

Cristobal! I remember it well - but that was in the 70s. Dangerous - as was Panama City at t'other end.

Things have probably changed.

The canal is certainly a magnificent feat of engineering, and the lakes and islands in the middle are beautiful.

Valerie said...

Quite a display of legs, Alan

jennyfreckles said...

Souvenirs are half the fun of holidays.