Friday, 18 March 2011

Chairman Sherlock And The Strange Case Of The Missing Stele

My picture of a milestone the other day and my question about the possible location of  "Junction" which was thirteen and a quarter miles away got that most intrepid - and delightful - of bloggers, Chairman Bill, working hard to solve the mystery. Initially I sent him on a wild goose chase by sending him the wrong grid co-ordinates for the milestone - or stele as he correctly called it - but after many ninths of tramping the sidestreets of West Yorkshire he finally came up with a solution. I quote from a long series of e-mails I received from him:
"In order for the distance to Rochdale to be 19.25 miles, the route would have to be along New Hay Rd and Huddersfield Rd, which was probably the old route. Now if you go 13.5 miles on that route, you come to Denshaw, where there is a big junction, and a pub called The Junction. I think that's your place".
"Bang on!
There are a number of small named-localities in and around Denshaw, including Denshaw Fold, Cherry Clough, Junction, Old Tame, Slackcote, Grains Bar and Woodbrow".
Even better:
"The village of Denshaw was formerly called Junction."
The stele I am showing today contains no such mysteries, so Chairman Bill, you can have the weekend off.


Mister D said...

Definitely a two pipe problem - solved !

Chairman Bill said...

Alan - Chairman Bill has too much to say to take the weekend off.

Chairman Bill said...

PS - am eagerly awaiting an analysis of the beers available at The Junction.

Valerie said...

Thank goodness the riddle has been solved.

Michael and Hanne said...

Not so sure about the stele. I wonder if you are referring to the central part of a root or stem, or a funeral monument?
They probably don't have green beer at the Junction from brewing with a stele now do they?

L. D. Burgus said...

This is an interesting marker for sure. It took quite a commitment to make one of those and to place all the directions on it.

Volie2 said...

If it's the 'Junction' pub that I am thinking of, and I think it is, then they used to sell Webster's Green Label. I don't know whether they brewed it using a 'stele' though. Fred Trueman used to say it, 'Kept out the Northern Thirst'.