Friday, 17 December 2010

The Rope Removed

One of the great delights of blogging is the way that you can post something and someone else will pick it up, add something to it, and pass it on. In this way, blogging is like a great relay race of ideas and thoughts. I received a wonderful example of this yesterday when, shortly after publishing my fathers' picture of the Lorna Doone I received an e-mail from fellow blogger Michael Stanfield which included the original photograph with the rope removed. Now I am familiar enough with what Photoshop can achieve but I had to look carefully at the new image to reassure myself that this was a Photoshop retouching rather than the chance photograph of someone stood next to my father who had managed to avoid the interfering rope. Congratulations Michael, a splendid piece of digital magic.


Valerie said...

Amazing and clever. Wish I understood Photoshop a bit more.

Michael and Hanne said...

Thank you for your generous compliments! I learned Photoshop from on-line lectures at:-
I can thorougly recommend her website.
PS I also removed some rust markings and the deck of the ship Father was standing on!

Sunny said...

I was a day late! I was going to remove the rope for you also - LOL!
☼ Sunny

L. D. Burgus said...

Yes the tricks we can do. I had a photo with a stray tv cord going on the side. I got rid of that rather than retake the photo. I need to catch up on your blogs, buddy, I will. I hope you have warmed up a bit in Yorkshire.