Friday, 12 November 2010

Holiday Snaps 3 : Tenerife Orchid Gardens

Still in the Orchid Gardens in Tenerife. As soon as I noticed this lady collecting admission fees, I knew there was a photograph there somewhere but struggled to get it right. It needed to be done somewhat surreptitiously otherwise the woman might start waving or shouting. It's still not quite right : it is a little out of focus; but there is something about it I like. Agatha Christie was a visitor to the gardens and her book "The Amazing Mr Quin" is supposed to be set there. Perhaps its the fact that the woman is so like an Agatha Christie character that makes the image memorable.


Kat Mortensen said...

Isn't she JUST! How interesting to find posters for Christie at such an exotic locale. Great shot, Alan!


Unknown said...

Oh you would know if it is not just right. I think it is perfect. I am so enjoying the photography aspect of blogging and I have learned so much just following the example of great shooters like you.

Valerie said...

She looked in reflective mood. I can see why you wanted to capture the whole scene.

Michael said...

You know, she really is. you have a great eye there, Alan. Great photo in its own right. I love how she is looking out--the expression on her shadowed face.