Friday, 1 October 2010

Stop The Clock

There was this East-West Nuclear Disarmament Conference back in the 1970s in which the participating parties set a deadline for reaching an agreement. As the deadline - 12.00 midnight on a particular day, I forget which - approached the parties were near agreement but more discussions were needed. The problem faced by the negotiators was that their mandate to negotiate lasted only until midnight. The solution to the problem was gloriously simple : all the clocks in the conference venue were stopped at 23.55 hrs. The deadline was extended and agreement was eventually reached.

What I am trying to say is that I know I promised to stop parading these old black and white photographs at the end of September, but there are just a few more to check out yet before I decide what will go into my 2011 Calendar. So, I have stopped the clock. The clocks in this old railway shed in Halifax were stopped long before I took this photograph in the mid 1960s.


Valerie said...

Ah, a reprieve. Thanks, Alan. I liked this shot. The desolation and desertion is overwhelmingly clear.

Sunny said...

You can keep going with these wonderful old photos for as long as you like :)
☼ Sunny


stop the clock as much as you want as i love these. wasn't it the SALT treaty you're referring to?

Anonymous said...

I can heat the pigeons rustling around, disturbed, no doubt, by the shadow of the photographer.