Friday, 17 September 2010

Before The Days Of The Information Mongers

If you look carefully you will spot the Old Lane Inn which I featured a couple of days ago. This photograph was taken from a little higher up the valley looking towards what was then, the mighty Crossley Carpets Mill. Today the area is populated by financial firms and other information mongers.


Sunny said...

I like all the old smokestacks. It would be interesting to see how the area looks now in comparison.
Hope your weekend is delightful.
☼ Sunny

John said...

Great picture when viewed large; gritty.

Valerie said...

Like many old-established works, the mills disappear and are forgotten. It's good that you are resurrecting the past albeit for only a brief moment.

KleinsteMotte said...

Is it possible to create a side by side? The impact would be more striking and add to your title meaning.

Kristy said...

You've quite a lot of history here. I'd liked your comment on my blog. It made me laugh!


tony said...

Dean Clough is An Impressive structure.......shame no more carpets........Information (unless its newspaper) doesnt cover a floor!