Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Victorian Photographs : Old Ale And Cameras

This little Carte de Visite shows a woman in typical Victorian dress and must date from the 1870s or 1880s. The credits on the reverse of the photograph states that it was photographed by John Cooper of Harrogate Street, Wigan. Cooper was an early pioneers of photography (some of his work features in the Tate Britain exhibition, "How We Are - Photographing Britain 1840 - 1900") and he is listed in one of the late 19th century trade directories as being a "innkeeper and photographer". Now that is a combination I admire.


Far Side of Fifty said...

This photo makes me wonder..what was the cord (Pull)off to the left used for and why is it in the photo? And what was she reading?
I like her hat! I would be tripping all over my feet in those huge skirts:)

Anonymous said...

Hello Alan, What a lovely Victorian lady photo. Always a pleasure visiting your blog. Have a great day.

You encouraged me to go through my parents' photos and I posted my mama's 1947 photo a few days back. Post is entitled "Antiques."

Anonymous said...

How does that occupation translate.
"Drunken Photographer" I must say I have never seen an innkeeper drunk.

Living is so difficult these days.
The cost of breathing is so high.
When I think how it used to be
I think I'm gonna cry.

Abraham Lincoln
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jennyfreckles said...

I still have difficulty picturing ladies in those long wide skirts bustling around our little Saltaire houses - but your picture is about the right vintage for that.