Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Crumble Cottage, Ansty

Still in the delightful Dorset village of Ansty. This is the equally delightful Crumble Cottage. Good enough to eat.


jennyfreckles said...

Certainly is. What a delightful name.

The Retired One said...

Wonderful cottage!!

Valerie said...

Good shot, Alan. Nothing crumbly about that cottage.

Anonymous said...

This is a nice photograph.

Thanks for ordering the book. It is a bit different. BJ Roan read it and is a blogger. She said she was going to write a favorable review for me.

I hope you like it too.

I have others but others are more technical and cover things like a small village and the people who lived there for the past 100 years and the genealogy of each family. It is filled with a lot of factual stuff.

That it available at the same place but the title is

A Place to Live.

I also do them about all the kids and their names and what they do now, who ever went to the country school where I went. We had a reunion for the kids at the same old country school back in 1995. Over 100 of us showed up and I had a huge tent with eats for all. What a blessing it was to have it then as many of those who made it are no long living.

Beth Niquette said...

I agree--and the name of the cottage fits. What a beautiful photo--again, this fills my eyes.

Wonderful wonderful picture.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Lovely photo..the vines are happy there! :)

L. D. Burgus said...

I have decided that I follow too many people and some people who blog on the other side of the world get lost in the pile. I will earnestly try to just open yours up manual every couple of days. I really didn't want to this cottage.

Anonymous said...

After looking at the deeds to our new home, I noticed a previous owner had lived in this cottage. Our house is also called Crumble Cottage. It is also in Dorset. What are the chances of that?! And we have a green door.......serendipity.