Thursday, 13 May 2010

Then And Now : The New Inn, Fixby

The New Inn in the 1930s

This week's "Then and Now" feature once again uses one of the images from the splendid Kirklees Image Archives. It shows the New Inn pub on Bradford Road, Fixby and is dated as being 1930s (although it looks slightly later to me). Those who know the area might have difficulty recognising the name. In 1965 it changed its name from the New Inn to the Ashbrow.

Mumbai Spice in 2010
Those who have recently moved to the area might still have difficulty with the Ashbrow name, because, last year, it changed from a pub to a restaurant and take-away and is now called Mumbai Spice. Despite the frequent change of name and the more recent change of use, the building is largely unchanged.

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willow said...

I'm nutty for your "then and now" pics, Alan, so keep 'em coming! It's amazing how the Bradford Road location has stayed the same through the years.

John said...

Apart from the wider pavement ('elf and safety?), it really hasn't changed much. Like the series.

The Retired One said...

I love those before and after photos!!!

jennyfreckles said...

I thought for a minute the first photo was the new one...seems we still do a lot of digging up roads. But it looks smarter now.