Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Then And Now : Netheroyd Road, Fixby.

As this blog is now being used for both my own photographs and for photographs from some of the great on-line digital image archives, I thought that I would try to pull the two themes together each week with a "than and now" photograph. Today's is a picture of Netheroyd Road, Huddersfield (just down the road from where I live). The archive picture comes from the Kirklees Image Archive and was probably taken in about 1910. The second photograph was taken this morning - more or less one hundred years later. As usual, the surprising this is how little has changed.

Go to the Homepage of the Kirklees Image Archives
There are always plenty of old pictures featured in the weekly Sepia Saturday


Sunny said...

I love the 'Then and Now' idea. It's very interesting to see how much or how little places have changed.
Sunny :)

John said...

I enjoy looking at 'then & now' shots, and as you say, it's surprising sometimes how little changes. I get the Western Front Association Journal on a regular basis, they have this as a feature in every issue. One shot from the Great War, somewhere near the front, and a similar shot recently. A good feature.

Re. digital. Any colour work I do today in digital, also on holiday like Namibia where I know that I will bang away almost indiscriminately, all of that I do in digital. However, I love working with b&w and the shear pleasure of using old cameras instead of trying to fumble through menus on a small LCD screen to change shutter speed, ASA etc. It's like steam engines, with them the journey is probably more thrilling than arriving. With old cameras, part of the joy is taking the shot, not just the result.
Or maybe I'm just getting old while I renew my Railcard.

The Retired One said...

Amazing to look at time lapse photos of the same place over history!

Crazyasa said...

Other than the street and the autos not much has changed here. I like it when places retain their character. There is a book called "Lost Boston" that runs on the same idea as this blog series. I like to try to find the places where those old photos were taken. Of course a lot has changed in Boston over the years. Thanks for visiting my crazy blog.