Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Then And Now : Bradley Bar Toll House

The top picture shows the toll house which conveniently stood at the junction of two old turnpikes just to the north of Huddersfield. Bradley was the place where the Bradford-Huddersfield Turnpike crossed over the Dewsbury-Elland Turnpike. The toll house - at what became known as Bradley Bar - must have been an early example of economies of scale : one toll house serving two turnpikes.  Tolls were finally abolished in 1875 but it probably was well into the twentieth century when the old toll house was finally demolished to make way for the road widening and the new roundabout (which is still known as Bradley Bar Roundabout). You can make out the likely location of the toll house by the location of the house on the left of the picture which is still standing.

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willow said...

Fascinating. You make a lovely tour guide, Alan.