Thursday, 6 May 2010

Then And Not Quite Now - If You See What I Mean

This blog is becoming very much about linking the past to the present via photographs. Today's picture does a little of this, although the present is yet to come (if that doesn't sound too confusing). I have been scanning some old negatives today, amongst which was this one which I must have taken at least twenty-five years ago during one of my visits to see my brother in the British Virgin Islands. Whether it was the house we were staying in at the time or simply one I passed on my daily walk, I cannot remember. It will be interesting to see how much has changed when we visit the island later this year. I will try and keep a lookout for the same small house and thus complete this "then and now" project.


Anonymous said...

Think of it as it is. Today is yesterdays future and tomorrow is todays history. LOL

You mentioned fragile wings for honeybees...I have photos of them up close and the wings are really a tattered mess along the ends. I suspect from running into flower stems, petals and other insects. Not sure they note where they are going but more or less just point and go.

The worst case is the Bumblebee with wings not able to life him off the ground much less carry him speeding through the air in level flight at speeds older cars never reached. That is the best case of oxymoron.

The Retired One said...

Looks so cool tucked in on the mountain...what a wonderful place!