Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Surfing The Archives : Great Delight At The Congres de Luchon

I can't help it, there is something I just find endlessly fascinating about old photographs. My series of images taken from the photographic archives of the world (which I have now given the running title of "Surfing The Archives") is great fun because you can just pick a single image at random and lose yourself in it for a few minutes. Today's example comes from the photographic archives of the Bibiotheque de Toulouse and dates from 1893. The subject of the series of photographs from which this one was taken was the 1893 meeting of the French Alpine Club. The other photographs show assembled ranks of serious looking climbers and skiers. But with this one the photographer must have had a plate to spare or time to kill. It shows nothing planned or nothing posed. And that is the source of its' great delight.


John said...

Isn't that just a great shot of a time gone by; I could imagine this interest could take over from the other blogs, it has enormous potential.

Paul C said...

So true; it's amazing what can be discovered in a good picture. Yes, you're interest in old archive photos opens a real niche.