Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Location, Location, A Near Perfect Location

Amy and I pass this row of cottages in the woods often and I always flirt with the dream of living in one of them. The location is near perfect in that they face onto the woods but are within a few hundred yards of a main road. If only there was a decent pub nearby and a functioning fish and chip shop, I might be tempted to move.


Sunny said...

It has a magical feel about it. Lovely picture.
Sunny :)

jennyfreckles said...

It does look very peaceful. Alan, thanks for your wonderful comment on the penny-farthing on my blog - made me laugh. I think you're right!

WV: miess... another fine one you got me into?

John said...

'Dingle Dell'; the menu sounds OK as well.

Valerie said...

Idyllic, and I adore that tree. Yes, I think I could live there quite happily.