Saturday, 1 May 2010

Labour Day : Brisbane Butchers On Parade

It is the first of May, Labour Day, and my self-imposed deadline for deciding whether to consolidate all my blogs or not. In the end, I have decided to keep the Daily Photo Blog as a separate blog whilst merging "Fat Dog" and "Pint of Best" into the main News From Nowhere Blog. But I have decided to widen the coverage of the Daily Photo Blog to encompass not just my own photographs but also other photographs from the various photographic archives of the world. There is such a richness of photographic heritage out there that it deserves wider coverage. Wherever possible I will provide links to the archives where the images are held so people can explore them at their leisure. I will continue to post my own photographs when there is something new and interesting to show.

Appropriately enough, my picture for the 1st of May comes from the Digital Image Collection of the State Library of Queensland, Australia and it shows a group of butchers posing in front of their Labour Day float in Brisbane in 1920.

Go to the "Picture Queensland" Photograph Collection on the Queensland Government Website 
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L. D. Burgus said...

Interesting group of people. Is a butcher a person who cuts meat, or am I out of country, out of this world, not knowing what it is that they do???