Friday, 23 April 2010

Canaletto And The Terrace

Amy and I went for a walk towards Huddersfield. Just north of the town there is still a lot of stone-built terraced houses. But where at one time each street would nestle up close to its neighbour, now there is open space between them. It somehow makes them look grand. I can almost imagine Canaletto painting them. Almost, but not quite


L. D. Burgus said...

I was just watching a travel show and saw the half circle of apartments. It is an interesting way to build them. Our row houses of old seem far more cramped than these do. Good shot that you and Amy took for us.

Anonymous said...

Like you, I have not been here in a while. I have missed you too. Anyway, I just looked and had 80 comments to reply to and this will take a while. So, like you, I no longer get around much or as much as I used to. My apologies.

I do miss your blog photography.